The Mission Led Content Revolution with Lisa Barry

Mission Led Content is a content marketing strategy with a heart. It isn’t necessarily a change in content (although that’s often the result) but instead, it’s a change in mindset.


In this talk, Lisa talks about her 5 principles of Mission Led Content:
✅ Visibility is not vanity – you deserve to be seen!
✅ Not everyone will see everything you create & share – don’t be afraid that people will find you pushy or spammy
✅ Repetition is a good thing and repurposing is self-care
✅ Start where you are and take the next step – you don’t need to be perfect from day one, just start where you are now and take the first step
✅ Consistency is key – marketing takes time, so be patient and keep showing up

Where to start with coming up with content ideas that will resonate with your ideal customers?
➡️ Imagine you’re having lunch with your ideal client and simply write down your conversation. What are their challenges? What can you do to help them? What questions do they have about your business/services/products?
➡️ Don’t worry about making your notes perfect, just journal/brain vomit your thoughts and ideas and let them sit in your notebook for a while.
➡️ Come back to your notes after a while and look for the best parts!

You can join Lisa’s group here: The Mission Led Content Revolution With Lisa Barry