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       Lenka started CSM from a personal need – she wanted to practice her public speaking skills and help some of the many business owners she’s met with their social media.

In 2017, there wasn’t a meetup or community to teach small business owners about social media marketing – an increasingly popular and important way of building and promoting a brand.

The history of Cambridge Social Media started by hosting the first Informal Cambridge Social Media Meetup in March 2017.

“I didn’t have any expectations, and I couldn’t have imagined where this decision would lead many years later. Since then, I’ve hosted 2 big in-person conferences, and two online conferences and managed to quickly pivot towards online events when an unexpected global pandemic hit in 2020. It’s been a wild journey, and we’re just getting started!”

From day one, the purpose of CSM was to help local businesses and non-profits to get to grips with social media in a healthy and sustainable way. To help them understand how digital marketing works and how they leverage it for their businesses in a simple, manageable and efficient way!


Enter Thana in November 2019 during Cambridge Social Media Day – where she offered to volunteer as she was looking for a job after she had recently moved to the UK and had limited resources to buy a ticket. Little did she know how she would change Cambridge Social Media’s future and how it would change hers.


      “If it wasn’t for Cambridge Social Media, I don’t know if I would’ve survived the pandemic without a job,” says Thana. She adds, “Cambridge Social Media gave me peers to connect with, friends when I didn’t have any, businesses to support, and a sense of community. Every time I meet new people, I feel very proud to tell them what we do at Cambridge Social Media and how I started as a volunteer and am now a co-founder with my wonderful friend and colleague, Lenka.” 

Cambridge Social Media has been on an exciting and unpredictable journey. As we grew our community, some things changed, like our talented volunteers, fantastic speakers, and generous sponsors. But one thing remained the same, although perhaps not as clear, and that is our mission to promote and support small businesses with healthy & sustainable marketing.

Healthy – to lead a joyful relationship with marketing

Sustainable – to maintain your activity and make money from marketing

If you find yourself on this page, get in touch and let us know how we can help you and your business. 

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Hi, I’m Lenka and I’m a Marketing Therapist for Health and Wellbeing Professionals.

What does it mean? 

I help Health & Wellbeing Professionals create businesses that enable them to live their dream life. I help them to use digital marketing strategically so they can grow their business (without feeling overwhelmed) in a way that sustains their business long-term.

Do you want to be able to learn how to attract your ideal clients by showing up authentically? Want to know how you can establish yourself as an expert without jeopardising your health & wellbeing?

If so, I can help you! I will show you that you don’t need to be tied down by your business and feel frustrated, anxious and overwhelmed by your marketing. I will teach you how to make marketing fun and easy while getting you the results you need!

Lenka Koppová

Hi, I’m Thana and I’m a Digital Marketing Specialist  & Trainer.

I work with businesses (agencies, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, NGOs and brands) to help them create and lead customer-oriented strategies and data-driven tactics for sustainable marketing practices on the web.

With your expertise in your industry and my expertise in social media and digital marketing, we work together to build and improve your online presence whether that’s thru social media management, search engine optimisation SEO, email marketing, or paid search and paid social.

I also work with in-house teams to enable and empower professionals understand and take the lead on digital marketing activities.

Get in touch and book your 30 mins free discovery call to explore how I can help you.

Thana Asaad