Social Media – A Mental Health Approach with Danielle Bridge

Many of us use social media for one reason or another and as a concept, it is an amazing medium for communication and connection.

However as with most things, the tool can be both a gift and a curse and in this video, Danielle shares with you concepts around managing the use of social media and the practical ways we can all utilise our time and protect our mental health when scrolling.


You’ll learn:

  • Recognise your usage triggers.
  • Understand the thoughts, feelings and behaviours around who you follow and why.
  • Planning ahead. It matters.

Danielle Bridge is the CEO of a training company, CEO of her own mental health consultancy company, an activist for all things mental health and conversationalist. She is also a wife, mother and friend to many. She’s the Co-Chair of a mental health network and it is her mission to normalise every