Debunking the Most Common Social Media Marketing Myths with Markie and Olina

Do you think that social media is not for your business? Do you think that your ideal customer don’t use Facebook or Instagram? Don’t believe social media marketing myths.

Well, we think that you’re missing out a huge opportunity to reach your target market, find out what they want, connect with them and create a strong online following for your business!

In this video, two brilliant experts, Markie and Olina will help you establish if social media is right for you and your business and they will show you the way to start marketing your business on social media quickly and easily!


Debunking the Most Common Social Media Marketing Myths – presentation slides

With over 3.4 billion people worldwide active on social media [now more than ever] – you can attract not only people’s attention, but ultimately gain more sales. Whatever the reason for why you haven’t thought about it yet or ventured into the realms of social engagement, let us help.

A small task to get you started thinking about your social media marketing. Have a look online and write down:

  • What are your favourite brands on social media?
  • What do they do right to engage people? Is it the images they use? Their tone of voice? Their sense of humour?
  • Can you apply it to your social media content?