The Social Brain How neuroscience can improve social media content with Katie Hart

What is the Social Brain and how does it work?

In this session with Katie Hart, you’ll learn how neuroscience can inform and improve social media content!

Neuromarketing is an exciting field of marketing, where knowledge about our brains is applied to improve the results obtained. From understanding perception and memory to learning about the way decisions are made, neuroscience enables you to understand your customers, better than they understand themselves!

Let us add one more thing. This session was called “the best CSM talk ever” by one of our regular members. And that really means something, as all our session are amazing and filled with actionable tips and insights!

Wow, I want to say this has been the best CSM talk ever. Very interesting, well presented and perfect mix of theory and practical application.ย ๐Ÿ‘ŠVictoria Pailegutuย 



How neuroscience can help and improve your social media content – presentation slides


This session covers:

  • Why is neuroscience so important to marketing?
  • Lessons from the lab – key considerations for social media
  • Nine neural nuggets for you to apply and try

Katie Hart has created a career out of bringing together psychology and marketing, two disciplines that complement each other, but are rarely used to their full potential.

She brings over 29 years of psychological knowledge to her keynote speeches and workshops, providing delegates with insights and methods which significantly improve their enjoyment, their recall and their success.

As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Katie is a tutor for the world-renowned Cambridge Marketing College, specialising in Customer Insights. Katie is a natural presenter โ€“ her style is engaging, informal, memorable and fun. As a member of the Professional Speakers Association, she has delivered sessions for small and large groups, within a wide range of corporate settings, a number of schools and even as part of an ongoing programme within prisons.

She is currently studying for a Masters in Applied Neuroscience with Kingโ€™s College London. Her sessions promise that you will enjoy and learn from them, whilst providing you with practical tips you can implement straight away.

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