How to build a sustainable digital marketing ecosystem for your business with Thana Asaad

Why do you need a sustainable digital marketing ecosystem and how to build it?

Reaching marketing success doesn’t happen overnight nor is there one magical platform to achieve all your marketing goals. With strategic and consistent practices, you can scale your marketing efforts for incremental and sustained impact.

In this video, you’ll get a better understanding of how digital marketing works and you’ll learn how to build a sustainable digital ecosystem for your business!

Key takeaways:

  • Identifying potential channels in your user journey (social channels, email, search engine and website)
  • How to estimate the return on investment of each channel
  • How to devise a marketing plan where these channels work together seamlessly
  • Revaluating channels’ success in your ecosystem


Thana Asaad is a Freelance Sustainable Digital Marketing Consultant helping businesses by creating people-oriented marketing strategies and data-driven tactics for sustainable practices on digital media platforms.

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