Strategic Monthly Content Process for your Social Media with Thana Asaad

Are you struggling to be consistent with your social media posting and feel overwhelmed by all the stuff that you need to be doing pretty much daily?

Do you need help with planning your social media content?

We’ve got your back!

Watch this Strategic Monthly Content Process video with Thana Asaad, AKA Digital Thanaya and you will no longer feel overwhelmed by your marketing!



Why would you need it?

  • Is your social media process ad-hoc?
  • Is your ad-hoc creation and management a pain?
  • Are you spending too much time on your social media activity without concrete results?

Who’s this session for?

  • Social media managers looking to improve their process already in place
  • Small Businesses that manage their own accounts and would like to learn how to do it more strategically
  • Business owners outsourcing (or planning to) and would like to understand what’s their responsibility towards the process

What will you take away from it?

  • You could benefit from creating consistency (we don’t mean frequency)
  • You could create a less painful process (we don’t mean hours of planning)
  • You could spend that time with better measurement and growth tactics

Watch this 1-hour training with Thana Asaad, our own team strategist and community specialist. Thana has been working in social media since 2012 with multinational companies. She’s now into her second year working independently as a social media consultant with small businesses and international marketing agencies.

How to attend this session?

  • With your open mind to improve your process
  • With your critical thinking to help us improve our processes
  • With a ☕️ and a 📝

Get in touch with Thana for your inquiries at