Owning the narrative (Personal branding) with Joe Glover

Recording of a Virtual Meetup with the founder of The Marketing Meetup, the positively lovely Joe Glover, about Why personal branding isn’t complete b*llshit, and how to do it better.

We get it. Personal branding is such a horrible buzzword that even uttering the syllables makes you feel guilty. But here’s the truth: it has its place, no matter what you choose to call it. In this talk, Joe shares how it has impacted his own business, and how you can do it too. ⤵️


Owning the narrative (Personal branding) – presentation slides

Why it isn’t complete b*llshit, and how to do it better

Some quick tips that Joe mentioned in his presentation:

  1. Set expectations
  2. Be clear on your Why
  3. Get to know your target audience
  4. Have a strategy in place
  5. Understand customer lifecycle
  6. Measure and analyse
  7. Chill out! ?

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