Our Favourite YouTube Channels that Teach Everything Digital Marketing

Youtube is The Top Most Visited Website worldwide for 2020. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day with over 30 million visitors per day. Here are our favourite Digital Marketing Youtube channels

This means that whether you’d like to discover how to leverage social media into your digital marketing strategy, promote your business, or learn how to bake the best brownies, YouTube has it all. This list focuses on the aforementioned… Sorry!

1. Neil Patel

This one is your source for all things marketing. Neil Patel created his first website when he was 16, lost his money to a marketing company that offered him no results. So, he decided to learn marketing. Today, he is one of the top marketing influencers on the web. His channel is a gem that teaches you how to blog, run Facebook Ads, unlock content marketing, and get website traffic to name but a few. You might want to subscribe to his email newsletter as well. 

2. Sunny Lenarduzzi

We love Sunny because she’s vibrant, transparent and not afraid to share her industry’s secrets! Learn how to make money on YouTube; or through any other tried-and-proved way. You will find a mix of video and marketing tips every Tuesday & Friday. If you’d like to learn how to be location independent in 2020, you WILL love her too!

3. Jenn Herman aka Jenn’s Trends

Jenn Herman is another of the world’s forefront bloggers on Instagram Marketing. She is a globally recognised expert on Instagram marketing and has spoken at dozens of events, keynoting major stages, and travelling the world to share her knowledge of Instagram and social media.

4. Sarah Moore, founder of Eleven Lights Media

Supports bosses and business owners who want to show up consistently and creatively through their content on social media. This YouTube channel is set up to teach you everything about content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing strategy.

5. Nicole Osborne, founder of Lollipop Social

One of our rockstar community members, Nicole is an expert in personal branding, a social media coach, and events speaker. She launched her channel this year only and she is sharing videos with different topics from her own experience to help you run your business, increase sales and more. 

6. Dan Holloway, founder of Authority and Status

Dan Holloway is bringing deep and strategic advice for small and big businesses who want to improve their Authority and Status to scale their businesses much faster. Dan’s mission is to turn experts into influencers, and influencers into scalable businesses. Even though his personal YouTube channel is pretty new, Dan is no stranger to video and sharing valuable information about business strategy, social media and video marketing through this medium.

7. Tara Hunt

Tara is a cool marketing veteran who’s been part of online communities even before the existence of the web browsers. Her YouTube channel covers anything marketing, from the very basics of a brand tone to the correct way of using memes as a brand and being internet-cool!

8. Amy Landino from AmyTV

She’s young, smart, and passionate about helping you do business while maintaining a healthy lifestyle! If you’re currently looking for some motivation to help you slow things down, get organised or go after your 2020 goals, make sure to check out #AmyTV.

9. Vanessa Lau

Two years ago Vanessa quit her corporate jobs, launched her YouTube channel and has been helping millennials, entrepreneurs and content creators with advice on running your business and social media marketing. Her 338K plus subscribers on YouTube will vouch for her success!

10. Hayls World

Pretty cool one because who doesn’t love hacks! Hays make it look so simple with her tips, tricks & hacks, hidden features, reviews, How To’s, and demos about Tech, Instagram, Whatsapp, Apps and more!!


There you go, 10 YouTube channels aimed to give you all you need to learn about digital marketing plans, social media hacks, website traffic, sales conversion and running your business successfully.  

If you like our Top 10 Favourite YouTube Channels specialised in Digital Marketing and found it helpful, please share it with your online community. 

Fine, here’s a link to The Best Brownies You’ll Ever Taste…You’re welcome!

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Thana Asaad

Thana Asaad

Hello, I come with over 7 years of experience in social media marketing, strategising digital marketing efforts, growing online communities and building insightful reports. Having spent most of my career between Beirut, Khobar, and Dubai city I had the opportunity to work with international brands such as Daniel Wellington and Unilever, and leading agencies like Merkle. I moved to the UK only last July and has already become an active member of the Cambridge community. I currently take on independent projects delivering search engine optimisation SEO, campaign strategies, and content writing services.

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