Our Favourite IGTV Channels to Follow to Learn About Instagram

Even though IGTV has been around for a while (it launched globally in June 2018), it’s still one of the less utilised features and apps related to Instagram. We have our Favourite IGTV Channels that we use to learn all about Instagram as a platform.

IGTV is a standalone video app created by Instagram which allows you to share long-form videos (longer form compared to videos in the main Instagram feed or in Stories). Even though IGTV is available as a standalone app, the basic functionality is also accessible via the main Instagram app as well as through the desktop version.

If you want to truly master Instagram and all of its amazing features, we’d recommend you follow the following IGTV Channels, where you can learn all about social media marketing and master Instagram! They’re our Favourite IGTV Channels.

If you want to learn more about using IGTV for your business, make sure to check out this guide from Later.


Sue B. Zimmerman aka The Instagram Expert

We absolutely have to start this list with THE Instagram Queen – Sue B. Zimmerman. Sue. B is an insightful social media educator, energetic speaker, and in-demand business coach. And she’s the world’s best Instagram expert in our opinion! On her IGTV Channel, you’ll find all about Instagram and using this app to grow your business and achieve freedom!

Jasmine Star

Jasmine Star is a business strategist, social media expert & photographer, who empowers entrepreneurs to build a brand, market it on social media, and create their dream life. On her IGTV Channel, you’ll find videos about Instagram marketing, tips on using social media to market your business as well as more general business and personal development advice.

Pippa Akram aka Social Pip

Pippa Akram is a Social Media Consultant based in Hitchin, United Kingdom. She works mainly with small independent business in her local area, but she’s also helping freelancers and small business owners all around the world with their Instagram. She is our go-to Instagram superstar and we watch her Stories and !GTV videos religiously. On her channel, you’ll find practical social media marketing tips for small and mighty accounts who want to take their Instagram engagement and results to the next level!

Helen Perry aka Not About The Kids

Helen Perry is self confessed Insta over-sharer, Instagram trainer, cheerleader, and video enthusiast. She helps people unstick their career, build their confidence, and helps them start successful businesses. Helen’s IGTV channel is colourful and full of her positive personality but mainly packed with amazing Instagram advice and practical tips and tricks to help you create your own space in the digital world.

Suz Bird at Suzabird

Suz Bird is a social media and marketing strategist and she helps brands develop digital strategies and bring them to life. On her IGTV channel, you’ll find information about the latest Instagram features and how you can use them for your business as well as more strategic social media marketing advice. Her videos are simple to understand and filled with practical and actionable advice.

Rebecca at The Social Den

Rebecca is a social media coach supporting biz owners with their digital marketing. Rebecca is helping entrepreneurs and SME’s build engaging social media profiles and achieve their marketing goals. Her IGTV channel is filled with helpful social media marketing strategies and practical tips of using Instagram more effectively to achieve your goals! From content ideation and creation to advice on the distribution as well as videos about specific features on Instagram.

Kat Coroy

Kat Coroy is a London designer, outright optimist and a lover of nettle tea AND also a fabulous Marketing, Branding and Instagram Teacher. Kat helps business owners to unleash their online brand soul essence as well as to supercharge their biz and become unforgettable online! Her IGTV channel is packed with beautifully designed and super helpful videos covering everything from design and sales tips to videos about personal development as well as the latest Instagram news and features.

Rachel Extance at The Story Cave

Business storytelling coach and copywriter Rachel Extance has a weekly IGTV show called Copy and Coffee. She shares tips over coffee to help you create great content, improve your writing, and have the confidence to share it on your website and social media channels.

Milla Richardson at Pink Storm Social

Milla is a Social Media Coach offering marketing training, consultancy and business advice. Her motto is: “Support builds confidence. Confidence builds success.” Milla is passionate about giving individuals and businesses the knowledge they need to maximise social media opportunities. On her IGTV channel, you can learn all about Instagram Marketing, from tips on using the latest features to strategic advice on achieving your goals on social media!

When it comes to bigger brands and agencies on IGTV, we’d recommend checking out Later Media and their IGTV channel too!


Which one of these IGTV channels is your favourite? Or do you know of another Instagram account that we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments or DM us on Instagram.

P.S. Did you know that Instagram updated the IGTV App recently and added new IGTV preview option for Stories? It doesn’t use the ‘Swipe Up’ functionality as it did before, but it displays a preview in the frame with a tag and the whole preview is clickable.

You can also change the IGTV Video thumbnail to pick the right frame or to use a custom-designed graphic that’s really eye-catching! Here’s all you need to know about picking the best IGTV thumbnail visual.

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Lenka Koppova

Lenka Koppova

Lenka Koppova is #OrganicSocial Strategist and Trainer. She’s helping badass entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by leveraging the power social media marketing (the right way). She’s also the founder of Cambridge Social Media, a community-driven organisation helping local businesses and non-profits to get to grips with social media. As part of CSM, she’s running regular meetups, workshops, as well as an annual social media conference based in Cambridge, focused on helping businesses to harness the power of social media.

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