Neuromarketing for the web & why it matters with Louisa Dunbar

Want to know how to make your website more effective using the latest neuromarketing research?

This session with Louisa Dunbar will be an introduction to the world of neuromarketing & web psychology.

We’ll bust some myths and discover why this is where marketing gold is found. We’ll delve into behavioural and psychological theories and how we are able to apply them to create persuasive, high-converting websites backed by science.

You’ll come away with actionable insights and see all marketing from a completely new perspective. The aim is to empower you to understand the value and importance of a user-centred approach in order to improve the effectiveness of, and results of the websites and marketing you might work on.



Neuromarketing for the web & why it matters – Presentation Slides


Key takeaways from this session:
– What neuromarketing is and the tools we use
– Why I see it as the future of marketing and user testing
– How it applies directly to the web and UX
– Psychological theories and how to apply them to websites to increase engagement and conversions

Louisa Dunbar started off her working life as a standard web designer around 20 years ago. Over that time she has embraced the world of UX (user experience) and been emersed in anything and everything that can improve the success of a website.

Behavioural science and applied psychology along with neuromarketing, piqued her interest a few years ago and she has since made that a focus in her agency for bringing about digital transformation within web and marketing teams.

Connect with Louisa on Linkedin and check out her website for more information about her work.