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Create a Success Plan That You and Your Customers Will Love

Are you stuck in the marketing maze? You’re going round in circles trying to figure out where you need to be as people on the outside shout in suggestions about platforms, tactics, and new ideas. 

All you want to do is help your ideal clients to find you. You remember when you started your business and you were so excited to tell people about your offers. But gradually, you’ve found you have less time to work on your business and your marketing has fallen by the wayside. 

It’s time to bring the joy into your marketing and get rid of the overwhelm and confusion.

Light up your business

In this practical one day workshop, you will learn how to create your own style of marketing which attracts your ideal customers and makes you stand out in a busy marketplace, all while having fun. 

Marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be something you look forward to and gives you space to have fun. And yes, you can enjoy a task which leads to sales!

Businesses from banks to breakfast cereals use creative ideas to get their message across. You’re about to discover how you can do the same, even if you don’t have a marketing budget.

Your guides are organic marketing strategist Lenka Koppova, Lego-obsessed marketing consultant Peter Sumpton, and Creators’ Club founder Andy Dunn. Together they are on a mission to help you create memorable messaging and develop a 12 month master plan for success in your business.


9am - 3pm, 26th March 2021


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Marketing Joy Workshop in association with our partners: Shifties

You will discover:

  • What makes you different, even if you operate in a crowded sector

  • Why your customers want to buy from YOU

  • How to communicate with your ideal customers

  • How to put the pieces of your marketing together 

  • How to be confident in your marketing

By the end, you will have a clear marketing plan for the next 12 months. But this isn’t going to go in a desk drawer or get buried in a pile of paper in the corner. You will have enjoyed the day so much you will be ready to get going making your marketing plan happen.

We will help you do this by:

  • Unlocking your inner creativity through getting into a state of joy, as well as connecting with joy from a point of view of what will “wow” customers

  • Practical exercises which get you developing your messaging during the day

  • Introducing you to fellow entrepreneurs/business owners who will keep you accountable

There will be regular breaks during the day and all the content will be recorded and available for replay.

Meet the Trainers


Lenka Koppova

Cambridge Social Media

Lenka is an #OrganicSocial Strategist and Trainer. She’s helping badass entrepreneurs to achieve their goals by leveraging the power social media marketing (the right way).

She’s also the founder of Cambridge Social Media, a community-driven organisation helping local businesses and non-profits to get to grips with social media. As part of CSM, she’s running regular webinars, meetups, workshops, as well as an annual social media conference based in Cambridge, focused on helping businesses to harness the power of social media.

Peter Sumpton, Marketing Study Lab

Peter Sumpton

Marketing Study Lab

Lego Master of Marketing

Remember when loads of those colourful bricks were all over your floor?
It looks a mess; it’s a pain to look at, tidy and is a killer when you ignore them and stand on one, if not loads!

This could be how you view your marketing – Painful and does nothing to help, in fact, it’s a hindrance. Peter takes these bricks (that make up your Marketing) and starts to make sense of how they all fit together to make your Marketing do the business, for your business(es)! Imagine if someone could come and pick all those Lego bricks up AND build something out of them that’s amazing and fit for purpose? This is what Peter does with your Marketing. Peter’s BRICK Framework is where all these pieces start to fit together (the instruction manual for all those darn loose bricks). Just like any Lego set, Peter makes it easy to understand, implement, yet unique to each business he works with.

Andy Dunn, Creators Club

Andy Dunn

Creators Club

Leadership Development & Creativity Events Designer & Facilitator.

Andy is a leadership facilitator, business coach for creative souls, speaker, and the founder of Creators Club, Creators Festival, and Creator Schools. He’s also an author and a mental health advocate. He works with people on the things that really matter: Wellbeing. Creativity. Leadership. New ways of working, and what success really looks like.



learn how to Have fun with your marketing at Marketing Joy workshop

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A 12-month masterplan to grow your business

We have a practical day of marketing know-how planned for you, with some Lego, sticky notes, and quick-fire drawing along the way. 

Here’s what you will learn during the day:

  • The 8 “universal” bricks of marketing so you can put them together and build your own marketing plan.

  • The bigger picture growth plan to help you focus on your business goals and not get distracted by the latest shiny thing you see mentioned by a random ‘guru’ on the internet.

  • Short term momentum generators that will get you fast results while you’re working towards your long-term goals.

  • 7 tactics to grow and implement your plans to make sure you’re not left hanging with a plan, but don’t know where to start with actioning your vision.

  • 4 universal confidence tools which mean you will share your marketing, even if it pushes you out of your comfort zone.

  • How to tell your story with authentic messaging, enabling you to show up as you and build relationships with your audience.

  • You will also connect with fellow entrepreneurs who are also having fun with their marketing while growing their businesses.

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