Make your business stand out with Instagram Reels with Kylie Baxter

Do you love watching Reels on Instagram, but don’t know where to start with creating your own?

If you’re anxious about starting with IG Reels and need some inspiration and a helping hand, we’ve got you covered!

In this session, Kylie Baxter – the Reels Queen – talks about what the heck Reels are and how they could be great for your business. The session will go over how to create a Reel within Instagram with filming, editing and design tips. We promise that you’ll pick up lots of content ideas for your own Reels.

What you’ll take away from this session?

  • How Reels fit into Instagram
  • How to create a Reel in Instagram step by step
  • Filming, editing and design tips
  • How to publish, share and promote Reels
  • Audio options for Reels 



Presentation slides


G’day. Kylie is an Instagram and Visual Content Coach. A former Social Media Manager, she now helps small business owners get Instagram working for them organically. Also known as the App Queen. And yes, she’s an Aussie 🐨 now residing happily in Yorkshire.

Do you struggle with content ideas! Here’s a swipe file of 20 Reels ideas for businesses – both product and service-based.

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