Make an impact with mobile video with Tom and Dan

Do you want to boost your business results and get more out of your social media marketing efforts? YES?! Then mobile video is a must.

In this two-part workshop, you will learn how to create and distribute video to deliver your message with impact. It’s a jam-packed workshop series designed for everyone who wants to start using more videos on their social media, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start!

What to expect from these Online Workshops:

  • Tips on mobile video.
  • How to set up for filming
  • How to feel confident when filming
  • How to distribute your video successfully
  • How to create and maintain engagement with your audience
  • + BONUS: Affordable gear that will enhance your video

Video Workshop with Dan Holloway 1/2



Make sure to check out Dan’s YouTube Channel for more brilliant advice on video marketing as well as on how to earn influence and build a scalable business.

Discover more workshops and resources to elevate your skillset and business here.

Video Gear

Note: You don’t have to buy everything on this list. One (or none) from each category is fine! Start with what you have and if needed, upgrade one item at a time to keep your levels of complexity fairly low!




Editing Software

Video Workshop with Tom Fordham 2/2



Presentation Slides – Getting Started With Making Videos with Tom Fordham



Just a reminder that some of these are affiliate links meaning if you click through and choose to make a purchase I (Tom) will receive a very small commission at no extra cost to you.


  • Here is a very affordable tripod that comes with a bag, smartphone holder and a Bluetooth remote:

  • The tripod above will be great for videos on your smartphone, but if you plan to use a DSLR at all then I’d go for something more like this:

  • Though if you buy that second tripod and wish to use with your smartphone at some point, you will need a phone adapter like this:

  • Here is also a mini tripod, which is great for if you are out and about and want to place your phone on something to record:



  • Here are a couple of LED softbox lights, which give a nice even distribution of light, though they are large and take up some space. You could pick up these here:

  • Here is a ring light that is much smaller so great for travel. It won’t give you anywhere near as much light or as good quality but it’s portability is a huge bonus or when working with limited space:


  • These are a REALLY great tool for keeping your camera steady while out and about. They come packed with a ton of cool features and will really improve the quality of videos you post! This one, in particular, comes with some handy accessories, or they have a cheaper version with the gimbal on its own:


  • Just a simple matte powder that will completely rid you of any shine on your face:


All editing software essentially does the same thing, they just vary in feature sets or layouts. Ultimately it will come down to your personal preference, so you might try one then find you want to try another before settling with one that fits you best. I have included a list below of various options whereby you can read further, but have also recommended the ones I would go for, based on a beginner level, with a view of becoming slightly more advanced in the future.

Also, there is an absolute ton of easy to follow tutorials on how to use these on YouTube.

FREE EDITING APP on a smartphone, try QUIK

FREE OPTIONS for editing on laptop/desktop: iMovie or Video Pad



  • For a piece of software that will not only create captions of your video, but also package them in a square format, then I would recommend looking at CLIPSCRIBE. I know a few people that use this and achieve GREAT results.
  • Alternative Apps for quick and easy Caption creation:

Hope that helps!