How to repurpose and distribute content like a pro with Sarah Moore

We’re always rushing to create new content, new videos, new blog posts, but we’re forgetting all the amazing content that we’ve already created in the past, Content Repurposing saves

And that’s a missed opportunity!

Why should you repurpose your old content?

Repurposing helps you reach new audiences and make the most out of your efforts!

In this FB Live Training, Sarah will show you how to repurpose content you’ve already created so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and distribute it in a way that meets your goals!

You’ll learn how to:
> Repurpose to relate
> Repurpose to build brand
> Distribution that will reach your goals


Content Repurposing Like a Pro – presentation slides

Sarah Moore is the Chief Creative at Eleven Lights Media; a video-first social media agency. She has worked with global brands and digital agencies to implement strategy across every social platform. Eleven Lights Media lives and dies by the idea that if you create compelling content consistently to foster community growth, cash will follow.

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