How to Make Your Mark on Instagram with Milla Richardson

Being successful on Social Media is a science, Instagram Marketing is an art.

There are so many platforms to choose from and they all keep changing all the time! If you want to know how to really understand Instagram and make your mark on this platform, we’ve got just the right session for you!

This video will cover the basics of Instagram Marketing. You’ll learn how to build a successful account and maximise your opportunities on the platform.


Make Your Mark on Instagram – Presentation Slides

In this session you’ll learn how-to:

  • Optimise your bio
  • Post content your followers want to read
  • Build an engaged community

Milla Richardson is a Social Media Consultant and Trainer with over 15 years of experience in Marketing and Communications. She set up Pink Storm Social in 2017 and coaches both corporates and individuals across the UK either face to face or online.

Connect with Milla on Instagram and check out her website for more great tips and tricks.