How to make your brand more visible on LinkedIn with Ella Orr

Would you like to communicate your brand messaging on LinkedIn more effectively so that you build connections?

In this video, Ella Orr explains strategies and methods to help you get better engagement on your posts, making you more visible and helping you to attract the right connections. These may even convert into potential clients and customers.

By the end of the session, you will have learnt:

  • how to comment strategically
  • ideas for what to post
  • how to write a great LinkedIn post


Presentation slides – How to make your brand more visible on LinkedIn


Ella is a social media marketer and owner of Much More Social which she started in 2018. Before retraining in social media marketing, she was a teacher for many years. Ella quickly realised that great marketing requires the same skills as teaching – understanding your audience’s problems, communication skills, planning, implementation and measuring outcomes.

She delivers training and consultancy on how to create a personal brand to attract your ideal clients, as well as effective social media strategy and content creation, especially for LinkedIn and Instagram. She runs several client accounts as well as managing her own platforms and website. Ella can be found LinkedIn on a daily basis but is passionate about all aspects of social media marketing.

You can connect with Ella on LinkedIn and learn more her amazing LinkedIn posts!