How to create FOMO (fear of missing out) for your business on Social Media RIGHT NOW with May King Tsang

Recording of a Facebook Live session with May King Tsang all about Fear of missing out.


How to create fear of missing out for your business on Social Media – presentation by May King Tsang

May King Tsang is a Professional Live Tweeter: helping conferences, festivals and workshops to trend with their branded hashtags for 10 years.

She is a Social Media Correspondent, creating vox pops of attendees and sponsors LIVE, which can be repurposed onto more than one Social Media Platform. May King also helps events by creating Live Content, writing blog posts about an event and like a roving reporter, with her uplifting energy and bubbly personality, creates FOMO by summarising speaker sessions, echoing words from the sponsors and other important messages which are also published on various Social Media outlets.

May King Tsang is the original and UK’s #1 FOMO* Creator and Live Social Media Reporter: recreating the buzz and excitement of a festival, conference or workshop onto Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and / or LinkedIn with the aim of selling tickets for your next event.

*Fear of Missing Out.

Work with the FOMO Queen!

If you’d like a fresh pair of eyes on your social media, May King can help you! She can review all of your social media platforms. The Social Media Strategy report will feature content ideas, ways to optimise your profile and methods on how to improve engagement and grow your audience. fear of missing out is a proven method to grow demand.

Normally she charges £500 for this, but she has reduced her review to £225 for the CSM Community, which comes with a coaching call. £175 is for the Report without the coaching call. £50 will go towards

If this sounds interesting to you, get in touch with May King!