How to create an active Facebook Group with Rachael Spiewak

Why are some Facebook Groups high energy with lots of engagement, while others struggle to get attention? Rachael talks all about how to create an active Facebook Group.

In this talk, Racheal talks about the elements of a great Facebook group, plus tips, tricks, and hacks to help you on your way.

Rachael Spiewak is a Business Tribe Building Mentor and the founder of The Tribe Lab: Social Media Science for Entrepreneurs. Rock Your Tribe: Audience Building for Entrepreneurs.


Our key takeaways from Rachael’s session were:

  • ✅ Name your group so your audience knows it is for them
  • ✅ Facebook Group notifications are prioritised, so your members get notified of your activity
  • ✅ Use the membership joining questions to help build your email list
  • ✅ Use a pinned poll to find out what your group needs help with
  • ✅ Ask open questions to help engagement and to help you create content from the discussion

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