How To Confidently Niche & Get Your Biz To Stand Out with Amy Caiger

Do you feel you’re blending in and saying the same things as everyone else in your industry? Do you struggle to talk about your business so people actually ‘get’ what you do? Do you feel you’ll say yes to anyone willing to pay you and your price is your only differentiator? Standing out in business is how to do this.

In a nutshell, you’re not standing out!

In this video. Amy Caiger talks about:

  • The different ways you can niche
  • How to STAND OUT using her ‘uniqueometer’ method
  • How to find the confidence to niche, and why you don’t have to go ‘all-in’ immediately


How To Confidently Niche & Get Your Biz To Stand Out – Presentation Slides

Get The Niche Unleasher’s Playbook

It is the ultimate workbook when it comes to getting clear on your niche and business identity!


  • Defining your mission & values
  • Working out what makes you different
  • Getting clear on what makes your A-list customer tick
  • Templates for nailing your niche intro statement
  • Templates for your website homepage & about page 
  • Visual brand board template
  • And much more!

Listen to Unleash Your Niche – The Podcast

If you’d like to learn more about Amy’s secrets to Unleash Your Niche and make sure you’re Standing out in business, make sure to check our her website for more helpful resources!