Feel-good Exercise Session with Charlie Hart

This resource is a bit different than our usual Social Media Marketing tips and tricks. It’s a recording of a short feel-good exercise session designed and delivered by Charlie Hart, helping everyone who’s stuck at home and feeling a bit stiff to get moving…

In this class, specially designed to beat the dreaded ‘lockdown stiffness’, Charlie Hart will share some simple feel-good movements that you can implement to your daily routine.

In just 45 minutes you can go from feeling drained to feeling loose, relaxed and motivated. This special online class will be an active, follow-along bodyweight workout. You’ll learn easy to try, but hard to master exercises that require no experience or equipment. It’s designed for all abilities and you just need a soft floor (or mat) and space the size of my tiny living room.


If you want to find more of Charlie’s videos, please check out his Facebook Page Charlie Hart Fitness.

And if you want to be part of The Active Network (A group that combines networking with local businesses with a solid workout, to help you make the most of your time out of the office.), head to the page and let Charlie know what events you’re dreaming/dreading! ?