Facebook & Instagram advertising – iOS14.5 update and more news with Carly Stringer

In April 2021, Apple introduced a number of policy changes with their iOS14.5 update, including a request for users to opt into tracking by apps, including Facebook. This affects advertisers’ ability to track and market to potential and current customers via Facebook and Instagram ads.

Let’s find out more about Facebook Advertising in a post iOS14.5 world. In this video, you’ll find out everything that eCommerce businesses need to know:

  • What the iOS14 update is
  • What impact its’ had/having on Facebook advertising
  • How you should be approaching Facebook advertising now
  • What Blended ROAS is and why you should be tracking it



Facebook & Instagram advertising – iOS14.5 update – Presentation slides

Carly Stringer is a freelance Facebook advertising consultant with over 10 years’ experience in PR and Marketing. She’s working exclusively with indie retailers to help them grow their online stores.

Carly supports independent e-commerce businesses to increase their sales through social advertising via a range of services from done for you ads to training and consultancy. Her advertising experience spans the clothing, accessories, homeware and gifting sectors.