Employee Ambassadorship examples to aid your business during the pandemic and beyond

Employee ambassadorship is when your staff are so engaged, happy and behind your brand that they promote your business and its products/services to their network. Employee ambassadors are also more focussed on delivering fantastic customer outcomes, regardless of their particular function within the company.

However, if we’re realistic, not all businesses are able to foster employee ambassadorship. The reasons for this vary and are definitely worthy of their own blog post (this isn’t it). Today, our focus is on brands that are encouraging employee ambassadorship in the right way and there are also tips throughout to help you replicate their success.

But before we dive in, you should know that to reap the benefits you must first plant the seeds. You see, having your employees as ambassadors is not a regulation or a policy you enforce. It is a blossom of your values and of nurturing this relationship. When you build trust, respect and appreciation with your employees, you automatically encourage this advocacy. 

Employee Ambassadorship on social media for increased engagement, brand awareness and sales

Daniel Wellington – A Swedish watch company – have an Instagram account dedicated solely to their employees. 

@LifeatDW on Instagram shares photos and stories from the daily life of their employees. The best part is that most of their content is User Generated Content (UGC), with employees often proactively posting their offices, stores, events and products they love. There are even extra points when employees are talented creators or influencers. Hello Employee Engagement Applause!

Employee Ambassadorship on social networks for professionals to show thought leadership and attract talents:

Another great example is Philips – A global leading health technology company who encourages flexibility, individuality and team spirit at their offices. When you combine pride in what you do with the ability to do it with passion, you create proactive employees who are willing to share the knowledge and be your spokespeople, thus amplifying your marketing efforts further. 

When you search the #Philips and #LifeatPhilips on LinkedIn, you will see various results from Philips accounts sharing internal updates for the world to see. There are also other posts from employees themselves (sometimes boasting) about Philips innovations and opportunities. 

Employee Ambassadorship on websites to show expertise and the culture of the organisation:  

The last example we will look at today is from Conscious Communications – A public relations and marketing company based in Cambridge. For years, the team at Conscious Communications have been doing two things on their blog consistently: encouraging employees to write about their volunteering experience (as part of an employee volunteering program within the company) and posting blogs to show diversity of thought and subject matter. 

Their blogs haven’t stopped during the pandemic and they’ve kept spirits up by posting authentic, original and actually fun content. Thought Leadership – check ✅. 

Those were our 3 top employee ambassadorship picks, which have hopefully highlighted some of the best practices to follow and encourage this advocacy at your own businesses, no matter how big or small the team it. 

Are you encouraging employee Ambassadorship within your own company? We’d love to hear what initiatives you’re using and how they’re working. Please comment below.

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Thana Asaad

Thana Asaad

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