Email Marketing: Get new leads, keep them engaged & nurture them with Kenda Macdonald

Want to learn how do you get leads, build a relationship with them and get them to conversion seamlessly? Learn all about Email Marketing with Kenda Macdonald.

The gurus of the internet make it sound so simple! In reality, it takes hard work, strategic thinking and little understanding of marketing psychology. The secret is to make your email marketing work for you, by making it work hard for them.

Learn how to get entice leads in, engage them with the information they enjoy receiving, and the strategies you can use to convert them. This talk is interactive and you’ll leave with ideas you can implement immediately.


Become Awesome at Email Marketing – Presentation Slides

Become an Automation Ninja with Kenda’s new Marketing Automation Academy.

If you’ve struggled with your marketing automation, and want to nail it, the Marketing Automation Academy is for you.

With monthly challenges, strategic training, feedback and critiquing – it’s a membership that is centred around ensuring you get your marketing automation working.