Email 2 0 – How To Make Your Email Marketing Work For You with Kenda Macdonald

Another brilliant session about Email Marketing with the Chief Ninja at Automation Ninjas, Kenda Macdonald.

Kenda is a regular guest speaker at our events and we love learning from her. This session will build upon the previous ones, so if you missed Kenda’s previous talks, you can check them out here:
Crafty Consumers: How Behaviour is changing & what you can do about it
Email Marketing: Get new leads, keep them engaged & nurture them

Email is still the medium with the highest return on investment – but so many businesses aren’t seeing those rewards from their email marketing.

In this interactive session, Kenda covers the strategies, campaigns and content you need to have in place to succeed with your efforts.

You’ll see real examples of it working for other businesses, and you’ll leave with an unique action plan of exactly what to include whether you’re beginner, intermediate or advanced.

Bullets/ what will be covered:
– What most people have in place and why it’s lacking
– What gets ROI and profits
– How to plan for personalisation without making it complicated
– How to bring psychology into your marketing
– The exact campaigns you need to have in place
– The content you should be creating for your email marketing
– Where to start, with downloadable action plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced