Cambridge Social Media Day 2019


A two-day social media event filled with knowledge and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs from all around Cambridge and beyond.

  • 7TH – 8TH NOVEMBER 2019​

Storey’s Field Centre is a landmark building in Eddington, a newly developed district in the north-west of Cambridge, offering an open and welcoming space for the community to come together with people from Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Who’s it for?

  • Freelancers, micro/small business owners, entrepreneurs wanting to leverage the power of social media to grow their business.
  • Digital marketing professionals and marketing consultants wanting to ‘top up’ their skills!
  • No matter if you’re a newbie or a pro, there will be something for everyone!

What you’ll get

  • Two streams of expert sessions covering topics like personal branding, content planning and storytelling, as well as individual social media platforms.
  • Slides and recordings of all sessions.
  • Plenty opportunities for networking with fellow freelancers and small business owners.

Invest in yourself and your business to outperform your competition!

From CSM Day 2018


This year's Cambridge Social Media Day 2019 will be split int two days to offer a wide variety of talks!

Day 1️ - Business Basics - is designed to give you all the social media marketing basics!
Day 2 - Be Inspired - is for everyone who wants to top-up their social media marketing knowledge.

* Timing and conference running order may be subject to change

9.30Doors Open
9:30 – 10amSign-in, Refreshments and Networking
10-10:30amLenka Koppova – Open and Welcome
10:30-11:30amOpening talk: Andy Lambert – Social Media Strategy For Small Businesses
11:45am-12:15pmAnn Hawkins: Work Smart, Not Hard
12:15-12:45pmRachel Extance: How To Write Your Social Media Bio
12:45-1:15pmKylie Baxter: Social Content Made Easy – What To Post & How To Create It
1:15-1:45pmRachel Way: How To Outsource Your Social Media Successfully
2-2:45pmPanel Discussion – Open Q&As with a selection of speakers
3-4pmAnn Hawkins: Drive the Network VIP Session

There’s no official lunch break on Day 1, we’ll have small nibbles, sweet treats, fruit, juices and tea/coffee available.

8.30am Doors Open
8:30-9:30 Sign-in, Refreshments and Networking
9:30-10amRoom 1Lenka Koppova – Welcome and Introductions
10-10:45amRoom 1Opening Keynote: Teresa Heath-Wareing – Social Customer Journey
10:45-11am Break
11-11:45amRoom 1Kirstie Smith – Social Content Planning Like a Boss
 Room 2Sonja Kirschner – Mindset for Entrepreneurs * session time change
12-12:45pmRoom 1John Espirian – How to stop being a LinkedIn Loser
 Room 2Mel Bridger aka The Mummy Trainer – Video Content Creation on a Budget * session time change
12:45-1:45pm Lunch
1:45-2:30pmRoom 1Ian Anderson Gray – How to Level Up Your Impact, Authority and Profits through Confident Live Video
 Room 2Carly Stringer – The Anatomy of a High Performing Facebook Ad * session time change
2:45-3:30pmRoom 1Claire Jenks – Creating On-Brand Visuals for Your Social Media
 Room 2Chris Huskins – The A-Z of Podcasting & Why Your Business Should Be Podcasting
3:45-4:30pmRoom 1Kathryn Dishman-Baird – 5 Ways To Ramp Up Your PR in the Digital Age
 Room 2Ross Davies – Social Proofing for Increased Sales & Leads
4:45-5:15pmRoom 1Closing keynote: Luca Senatore – Lessons Learnt in a Decade Growing Businesses About Getting S@#*t Done: The Three Pillars of Growth
5:15-5:30pmRoom 1Lenka Koppova – Thank You and Wrap Up
5:30-6:30pm Afterparty

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  • Access to all workshops during the day
  • Recordings and additional materials from all sessions
  • An opportunity to learn from the best in their fields
  • A chance to network with fellow entrepreneurs
  • Drinks and food throughout the whole day.

Meet Our Speakers

Kylie Baxter

Kylie Baxter of Violet Digital is a Social Media Consultant with a niche in Instagram and content creation. She trained with Digital Mums and now supports small businesses to create and manage their social media presence. Kylie has a background in training and support, loves helping people learn new things and is addicted to apps. 😊

#CSMDay2019 Talk Topic: Social content made easy – what to post & how to create it

Kylie will pass on her best tips for producing engaging social content easily. You don’t need to be a pro photographer, videographer or tech wizard to create content your audience will love! She will provide a practical, straightforward guide to using your smartphone (and a few apps!) to make better content.

Rachel Way

Rachel is an outsourcing specialist and back office services guru, Founder of award winning The Work Bees and The Kind Acts Network.

With 22 years of experience working with a variety of different sectors and business types, Rachel set out to bring together a collaboration of awesome support services to her clients allowing them to grow and experience the back office they deserved, she had witnessed too many specialists reaching the end of their business journey because they didn’t have the expertise to run the business in the background.

Now mentoring business owners and guiding them on how to make the most of the outsourcing opportunities available to them.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Outsource successfully

At #CSMDay2019, Rachel will be sharing with you the top tips on how to outsource your social media work effectively. If you asked for support and it hasn’t worked, there is likely a very good explanation and it might not be the reason you think. If you want to know how to outsource the right way, be sure not to miss Rachel’s session.

Ann Hawkins

Ann Hawkins has been building profitable businesses since 2005. 

Her first business was sold to an international company and she has since been supporting other small business owners to build the business of their dreams. She presented The Business Hub Radio Show for six years and produced two podcasts: The A-Z of Business Success and The Social Media Show. 

In 2015 Pearson plc commissioned Ann to co-author the book New Business: Next Steps, aimed at helping businesses to grow and survive beyond the first critical five year period. The book consistently gets 5 star reviews on Amazon and led to Ann creating her acclaimed Work Smart Not Hard programme. 

Ann is M.D. and Founder of Drive the Network, a radically different, fully inclusive support network for business owners. Ann also holds the voluntary post of City Organiser for PechaKucha Nights Cambridge.

#CSMDay2019 Talk Title: Work Smart Not Hard

When you work smart you make more money in less time, with less effort.  You know what to spend time on and what to stop doing. You get organised so things can run without you.

Ann Hawkins created this 8 module programme in 2015 and hundreds of business owners have benefitted from it, creating profitable businesses they enjoy.

In this session, Ann will share the strategies that her clients have proved work for them, with examples from many different businesses that everyone can use and that make a difference straight away.

Andy Lambert

Andy Lambert has over 10 years experience of creating markets, building profitable businesses and leadership roles in industry-leading SaaS organisations. Having previously launched a US Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business into the UK, which was subsequently sold to Oracle, he then became one of the Founding members of ContentCal, a Social Media Marketing SaaS product, responsible for the overall growth of the company. Since launching in January 2017 ContentCal has grown 100% YoY and is now used by over 17,000 companies in over 140 countries.

#CSMDay2019 Talk title: Social Media Strategy for Small Businesses

It’s getting harder to get noticed online and as a consequence, the costs of online marketing are spiralling. For small a business wanted to get noticed, a strong content marketing strategy is critical to driving growth.

Having been part of growing a content marketing agency and now building an award-winning social media software platform, this session will give some practical and realistic advice for small businesses punching well above their weight in the digital space.

Rachel Extance

Journalist and communications consultant Rachel Extance works with businesses to help them tell their stories so they can reach a wider audience for their work and ideas. Rachel has been telling stories for 20 years and knows how to create stories which resonate with different audiences. She gives people clarity about their stories and the confidence to tell them.

#CSMDay2019 Talk title: How to write your social media bio

Do you struggle to tell stories about yourself? Does the idea of writing your social media bio make you cringe? Come along to this fun, practical workshop with Rachel Extance and create a bio you feel happy to share.

Rachel will talk about what makes a bio people want to read, why it’s ok to talk about yourself and what you do, and help you bring out your personality. Whether you need to talk about yourself in 160 characters for Twitter or write a profile for LinkedIn, Rachel will enable you to produce a bio people will want to read to get to know you better.

Teresa Heath-Wareing

International speaker, TEDx speaker, podcaster, author and Founder of agency THW Marketing, Teresa, works with businesses, entrepreneurs and marketers to help them enhance their social media & marketing efforts. Teresa also hosts a weekly podcast called ‘Social Media Marketing Made Simple’ and has interviewed the likes of Amy Porterfield, Pat Flynn, James Wedmore, Jasmine Star and Brian Fanzo.

#CSMDay2019 Keynote topic: Social Customer Journey

We all know social media is an effective marketing tool for businesses. However is this ever increasingly crowded space, how can you stand out and build a community online that you can turn into customers?

Teresa will take you through developing a customer journey online and how to use social media to increase your prospects, build your email list and turn them into customers.

Mel Bridger

Mel is a well respected, award winning Personal Trainer with over 20 years experience in the Dance and Fitness Industry. Her Group Fitness classes are extremely popular and she has a full PT client base with a waiting list!

Mel has worked in numerous areas of the fitness industry and is a sought after Tutor/Assessor. She gets great results and her clients are always pleased, even though she works them hard!

She is a great believer in self development and continues to study so that she can offer the best service to her clients!

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Standout from the crowd with Social Video

Mel will be talking about Video Content Creation for Small Business Owners. She’ll share her top tips on creating engaging videos for your social media quickly and easily with your smartphone.

Make sure to check out her session if you want to learn how to stand out from the crowd with social media.

Sonja Kirschner

Sonja is Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs as well as Marketing and Business Consultant.
With a 15-year background in marketing, sales and international business development, Sonja has an empathetic no-nonsense approach to bringing the best out of business owners, leaders and entrepreneurs. As a qualified expert coach, mentor and NLP practitioner, she is passionate about empowering people in business, at work and in their personal life.

Her research-backed mindset approach allows people to understand what’s holding them back and what they can do to take their power back.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Mindset for Entrepreneurs

At #CSMDay2019, Sonja will be diving deep into the topic of Mindset for Entrepreneurs.
Sonja’s session will help you take control, develop a strong sense of self-belief, increase your performance and achieve your ambitions and goals (without burning out).

Kirstie Smith

Kirstie Smith has 9 years’ experience working in Social Media and Digital Marketing as a practitioner within agencies and as a freelance consultant. She is also a lecturer at Birmingham City University, encouraging the development of the next wave of passionate creatives and teaching them about the joys of digital marketing.

Kirstie has extensive experience in B2C markets and currently works for clients in the fashion lifestyle, automotive, leisure, hospitality and food sectors. Her work focuses on driving revenue through co-ordinated social media and digital strategy, consultancy and training.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Social Content Planning Like a Boss

At #CSMDay2019, Kirstie will look at how to create enough content ideas to fuel your social channels for a year. She’ll show you how to create your content ‘themes’, how to map your content tree and how to create content to drive an action. She’ll also cover the art of content repurposing and will share her top tools to help you create content ideas!

John Espirian

John Espirian is the relentlessly helpful technical copywriter.

A former Microsoft Mac MVP and former director of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, John creates in-depth B2B web content to help his clients explain how their products, services and processes work.

John also shares writing tips, branding guidance and LinkedIn advice on his blog at

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: How to stop being a LinkedIn Loser

John will share practical advice on using LinkedIn to build a presence and earn more money without having to become a hustlepreneur who works 25-hour days and rents a Lamborghini for photoshoots.

Carly Stringer

Carly is a Facebook and Instagram advertising strategist and social media consultant with over 10 years’ experience in the communications industry. She supports small and growing businesses increase their visibility and sales through social advertising. She also works with business owners to develop their social media strategies and train them on the effective use of social media. Carly works freelance from her home in Kent where she lives with her husband and two young children.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: The anatomy of a high performing Facebook ad

Facebook advertising strategist and social media consultant, Carly Stringer, will explore the qualities that make up a high-performing Facebook Ad. During this practical session, you’ll be looking at ad copy and creative and dissecting example ads so that you leave the session with ideas of how you can create / improve on your own ads!

Chris Huskins

Chris Huskins bio often states he is a human, marketer and podcaster (but not necessarily in that order). He runs several companies in the marketing world (Simplifying Marketing & Huskins Marketing Agency) as well as the podcasters help and education site PodTIps.Pro (which is completely free).

Recently Chris published his first book all about podcasting which reached Amazon Best Seller status.

Chris spent 7 years as a commercial radio presenter and has spoken on stages all over both in radio and in marketing and podcasting. He is bringing a high energy session to #CSMDay2019 which is sure to entertain and educate.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: The A-Z of Podcasting & Why Your Business Should Be Podcasting

Chris Husking will take you through why there isn’t a better time to start podcasting and how it can form the centre of a strategic marketing plan for your business. PLUS he will take us through a complete A-Z of how to podcast.

Claire Jenks

Claire Jenks is a graphic designer and visual branding specialist, working with national and international clients. Claire helps businesses reconnect with their brand identity and create visually stand out content with the aim to help them attract more customers and engagement through consistency and confidence.

Claire specialises in helping her clients with defying their brand identity and content creation.

Her aim is to help businesses hit their targets, their ambitions and help them grow to the next level whether that be though offering an extra design resource to lean on or with advice on where to take their branding to next.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Creating on-brand visuals for your social media

Find out how you can make an impact and upgrade your content with on-brand visuals that are guaranteed to make you memorable!

Ian Anderson Gray

Ian is the founder of the Confident Live Marketing Academy and helps entrepreneurs to level up their impact, authority and profits by using live video confidently. He’s a founder of Seriously Social – a blog focused on live video and social media tools.

Ian is an international speaker, trainer, teacher and consultant. He has a passion for making the techno-babble of live video and social media marketing easy to understand. Ian is a co-founder of Select Performers – a family run web agency. As well as being a geek, husband, and dad to two kids, Ian is also a professional singer and lives near Manchester in the UK.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: How to Level up Your Impact, Authority and Profits through Confident Live Video.

Are you ready to increase your visibility with live video so that you can become the trusted person your audience follows and invests in? But are you overwhelmed by the “fear, gear & marketing sphere” of live video – the tools, live video tech, what content to share or just being afraid of the camera?

In this session, you’ll learn how to produce confident, professional and authentic live video using specific strategies, tools and techniques. We will cover the top tools to broadcast, promote and repurpose your live videos to Facebook and beyond and how to increase your live video engagement. Ian will also share how to strategies and techniques to turn your live videos into a powerful evergreen content generator either on its own or through repurposing.

Kathryn Dishman-Baird

Kathryn Dishman-Baird is Director of KD Communications and Founder of Headliners: The PR and Digital Marketing Academy. She’s an award winning PR professional, content creator and self confessed social media geek who lives and breathes all things digital PR.

At KD Communications Kathryn works with businesses like yours to help you #shareyourstory in the right way to grow your audience, build your customer base and become an influencer in your field. That means getting exposure for your brand so you’re seen by the right people, at the right time, on the right channels.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: 5 Ways To Ramp Up Your PR in the Digital Age.

Have you ever considered how social media and PR work hand in hand? Stories now break on Twitter before they’re published in the press, broadcast channels use social media to create stories and online influencers now have the power to make or break a brand’s reputation. This all sounds good, but how can you utilise social media as a PR tool for your business?

At #CSMDay2019, Kathryn will explain all in her talk “5 ways to ramp up your PR in the digital age”.

Ross Davies

Ross Davies is an innovative and technically minded professional, working as the MD for Strafe Creative. By combining his design knowledge with a unique emphasis on user behaviour, Ross and Strafe Creative focus on the eventual users’ wants and needs to design powerful, high converting websites.

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Social Proofing For Increased Sales & Leads

Social is an ever-expanding field. But other than a simple integration into a website, there are many opportunities to use social media ‘on site’ that are currently being missed. This is about to change.

Ross will be exploring the ways social can be used on site as part of the buying user journey. Strategically used, social can, and does increase sales but designers and developers are still behind on how they can best use social media to increase credibility and sales whilst the user is on the website. So it will become the job of social experts to guide them with this.

Ross is wanting to equip the room with another way to sell their service into SAAS, E-commerce and service companies, to finally allow social to become a driving force within the sales department, as well as marketing.

Luca Senatore

Luca Senatore, Speaker, Writer and Agency Director at Genie Goals

Luca Senatore is a Growth Entrepreneur who built seven business. Now CEO at Genie Goals. Luca is also the author of the book ‘The Agency: Build, Grow, Repeat’ In seven years, he has led Genie Goals to be an EMEA leading agency according to Google, with a client base including Karl Lagerfeld, Technogym, Mamas & Papas and many more. Luca is a thought after speaker regularly called to speak by Google and other organizations including Growth Conference Europe, E-commerce Expo Berlin, Chamber of Commerce Portugal and more. 

#CSMDay2019 Talk topic: Lessons Learnt in a Decade Growing Businesses About Getting S@#*t Done: The Three Pillars of Growth

In his #CSMDay2019 session, Luca will share the vital lessons he learnt in a decade building seven businesses including a £4M, multi-award-winning, Google top 3% digital agency to get stuff done. 

During this interactive session, Luca will take you through five of the most important elements of cutting through the noise, getting s@#*t done and growing a business. 

  • THE WHY: how to build a strong mission that keeps you and your staff going when the going gets really tough 
  • THE WHAT: how to define a value proposition that makes you and your business remarkable truly differentiated from your competitors and craft a business that you truly love working in and working on
  • THE PLAN: How to complete strategic planning that guarantees control and a clear road to achieving your growth goals 

Luca’s thought-provoking, straight-forward and high-paced style is guaranteed to shake things up and evoke out-of-the-box thinking and massive action. This coupled with an interactive, action-packed session promises to be one not to be missed.

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