Changes to Social Media that you need to know with Andy Lambert

There isn’t a social media platform that’s not experiencing significant growth right now. But what does it mean for your business and how do you keep up with all the latest Changes to social media and content marketing?

To help us navigate the fast-changing world of social media marketing, we’ve asked Andy Lambert to walk us through the latest changes from the realm of Social Media and explain what they mean for us!


Changes to Social Media – Presentation Slides

Where do individual platforms focus their attention?

  • LinkedIn – Conversion
  • Facebook – Business Pivot
  • Instagram – Community and IGTV
  • Twitter – Engagement
  • Pinterest – Ecommerce

Other interesting trends:

  • Social shopping – Facebook Shops and more advertising options across all platforms
  • Audio only platforms/features – better accessibility
  • Increase in engagement

Further resources:


Update July 2020

Andy has run another webinar on the topic of Social Media Changes. He went more in-depth and added a lot more news and updates, that didn’t make it to his original talk for our FB Group. If you’re keen to stay up-to-date with the latest changes to social media platforms, we’d recommend watching the replay as well! ⤵️

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