Be your own photographer – DIY social media photo workshop with Elodie Giuge

Do you struggle to find content for your socials? Have you been told that you need to show more of yourself, but you hate having your photo taken and you don’t know where to start? Most photography workshops can be disappointing, this is the one for you.

If you want to create your own bank of photo ideas to draw from, and learn how to produce meaningful & engaging images with just your phone, then this online workshop will give you plenty of ideas and actionable tips.


In this 2-hour photography workshops, we will:

  • Use a simple framework to help you plan what to take photos of (to share your messages, infuse personality into your content, and make your followers excited to know you more)
  • Learn how to set-up and take attention-grabbing shots (including photos of YOU, with tips for feeling more comfortable and looking more natural on pictures)
  • Learn to quickly edit, use, and creatively re-purpose your images

You’ll need:

  • A pen & paper to take notes
  • Your phone (and installed the photo editing app Snapseed)
  • To be near a window if possible

You won’t be told to invest in expensive equipment, to learn complex camera settings, or to use 3 gazillion apps. Unlike other photography workshops, this is all about being more strategic and intentional and making the most of the equipment you already have.


Elodie Giuge is a portrait and brand photographer. Through her photography, she helps businesses and solopreneurs tell their story visually and feel confident & equipped to show up, build their tribe, and turn their followers into customers. She is a natural at capturing the essence of the businesses and people she photographs, and translating their goals into images that are soulful and that make people take action.

Find out more about Elodie and her work here:

Connect with Elodie on Instagram under @elodiegphotography and check out her business IGTV channel with great tutorials @elodieg_businessphotography.

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