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Room 1



Room 1


Andrew and Pete – The Danger Zone: How to Create Innovative Content to Become the Outright Leader in Your Industry

Room 1

  • Escape the imminent threat that ALL business will face in the coming years
  • Find out how to get the buy-in of your new ideas from your boss/clients/yourself
  • Get the process we use to guarantee an idea is going to get results before wasting resources on it
  • Learn and master the most crucial element of ALL marketing.


Refill your cuppa, grab some refreshment and chat with fellow attendees


Nicole Osborne – Creating an Irresistible Brand on Social

Room 1

Learn how to build an irresistible personal brand on social to be seen by more of the right people for your business.

Simon Hall – Image, inspiration, and income

Room 2

The importance of the image you present online, how it can make for inspirational public-relations, and the income you can generate from that.


Pippa Akram – The Art of Engagement

Room 1

What is social media engagement, why does it matter and how can you create it?

We’re in the time of the noisy newsfeed and connecting authentically with your audience is perhaps, right now, more important than it’s ever been.

If you want to know exactly how and why you need to be putting the social in your social media, don’t miss Pippa’s presentation.

Rachel Extance – How Storytelling Inspires Customers to Take Action

Room 2

Stories shape our lives. They’re behind everything we do from our jobs to our family traditions.

In this talk Rachel Extance will explain how storytelling inspires your customers to take action. She will share what makes a story and examples of how stories are used to persuade people to become customers, fans and advocates.



We have a special lunchtime treat for you – delicious catering from Que Rico Tapas!


Natalie Hailey – Impactful Social Media Content: Work Smarter not Harder

Room 1

We all need to sloooow down.

In a world of content overwhelm, less is more and it should definitely be quality over quantity.

This talk explores how to improve and repurpose the content you are already creating for social media to reach the largest audience without content creation becoming your full time job!

Rebecca Fordham – Maximising Spend on Social

Room 2

Learn how to approach social media advertising effectively, spend your money wisely and generate the best results for your business.


May King Tsang -Getting Known on Twitter

Room 1

Learn the steps on how to become a leading authoriTEA; how to get free publiciTEA, and look for opportuniTEA for your business on Twitter, with MayKing Tea.

Nicky Pasquier – Leveraging Visual Content on Instagram

Room 2

What makes visual content so powerful and why it should be a part of all marketing strategies, particularly for small businesses and start-ups?

Nicky will share her 5-step guide to using visual content to attract followers on Instagram, to start building meaningful relationships and influence them into taking your desired course of action.



Refill your cuppa, grab some refreshment and chat with fellow attendees


Tim Lewis – Organic Facebook: Broadcast is Dead, Long Live Social

Room 1

Learn how to use the power or Organic Facebook to build useful business connections.

  • Find out how watching and commenting on live broadcasts can quickly build a relationship with industry leaders.
  • Discover the power of interacting in relevant Facebook Groups.
  • Learn how to use Facebook to discover the kind of content you should be creating by actually interacting with your potential customers.

Kim Vergbrugge – LinkedIn for Growth and Better Business Relationships

Room 2

Kim will bring clarity on the professional network and share simple strategies on how to:

  • Discover and grow an engaged audience
  • Build a kick-ass company page and attract followers
  • Start social selling


Refill your cuppa, grab some refreshment and chat with fellow attendees


Panel Discussion chaired by Paul Ince – The role of social media in a crisis

Room 1

Join Leanne Ehren, Ann Hawkins, Simon Hall and Nicky Shepard for an interactive panel discussion chaired by Paul Ince about the role of social media in crisis.

Drawing from their experience in PR, media, politics and business, our panelists will share their tips on making sure you’re prepared to handle any crisis situations that you might come across on your business journey.


Thank you and wrap up

Room 1

6pm ’til late


Stay around for a glass of wine, informal chat and reflections of the day!

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